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Thad Williamson, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, is a scholar, writer and policy expert focused on building a practical politics of social justice and deepened democracy in the United States. He has produced scholarly work recognized as cutting edge on three different topics—suburban sprawl, community economic development, and property-owning democracy—and a host of writings for popular publication.   

His work with the City of Richmond led to the launch of the Office of Community Wealth Building (which he served as its first director) and to several related reforms, initiatives, and programs in Richmond touching education, housing, workforce development, and municipal administration. He is currently working on a project focused on Community Wealth Building as a governance and policy paradigm suitable for advancing bold progressive goals in the 21st Century.

NEW: On May 7, 2019, I announced strong interest in running for the Richmond City Council 5th District special election this year. See my statement here and join my mailing list here!

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